Euro 5/6 Pass Thru in the wild … an advantage or just window dressing to comply to regulation?

A workshop replaced the complete air suspension system in a Peugeot Boxer 2.2 HDi and asked if we could perform the adaption procedure. “Of course!” we said, “Bring it over, we have Peugeot Pass Thru up and running!“.

Day 1

  • The Peugeot Boxer comes in.
  • We fire up DiagBox (*). The first thing it tells us to do is connect a PR9780.X4 cable between our Pass Thru device and the car. Since it’s past office hours the Peugeot dealership is closed and we can’t order it that same day.

Day 2 & 3

  • Weekend

Day 4

  • Finally We can order the PR9780.X4 cable.

Day 5

  • The PR9780.X4 cable is delivered.
  • We measure the distances “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” around the rear axle as described in the Peugeot procedure which are needed to perform the adaption procedure.
  • We fire up DiagBox again. WE ARE READY FOR IT!
  • Another hurdle pops up, we need a passcode to proceed. And we are asked to contact Peugeot to receive the passcode.
  • The only way to contact Peugeot (Pass Thru portal) is through No phonenumber is given, so we send an e-mail with a screenshot and our Pass Thru details for Peugeot to

Day 6 to day 12

  • No reply to our e-mail and unfortunately no other contact options.

Day 13

  • We send a reminder to

Day 14 to day 19

  • Still nog reply.

So resume:

  • We initially spend 35 euro’s for Pass Thru access for 7 days for this VIN.
  • Because we managed to receive thePR9780.X4 cable within 7 days, we didn’t have to spend another 35 euro’s again.
  • We spend 7 euro’s for technical documentation to find out what the distances “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” are needed to perform de adaption procedure
  • If we got a reply, then surely we had to spend another 35 euro’s again to gain access to Pass Thru.
  • The foremost important part; We kept a workshop owner, and he on his turn his customer waiting for far too long. Not really beneficial for the mood of the customer who wants his car back, has to wait for more than 2 weeks and gets a bill of 100+ euro (2x – 3x 35 euro’s, 7 euro’s plus our expenses).

A waste of time and money for everyone involved!

NOTE: From day 1 we tried to carry out the learning procedure with several other diagnostic tools. All of them failed, despite very creative attemps like performing the adaption procedure as if the Peugeot was a Fiat. Please note this collection of diagnostic tools is completely up to date and represents the value of a very nice brand new car. As icing  on the cake, somewhere around day 7 we ended up with an old TEXA diagnostic tool form the workshop owner which was “out of service” for several years but was surprisingly able to perform the adaption procedure within 5 minutes.

(*) We still work with DiagBox version 8.46. If we install the available updates, for some reason it gets stuck at the first update and reverts back to version 8.46. We send several e-mails to but get no answer  to resolve this issue. To exclude that this is an software issue, we installed DiagBox on another PC in a different location (different internet address) which unfortunately led to the same result.